Hornet | The Most Innovative Monowheel You’ll See All Day

Driving a car for many people is the only option for transportation. With the increasing number of fatal accidents, people are reluctant to get their motorcycle license. However, then there is the other side of things. People that can’t keep themselves from feeling the freedom of using the two wheel option transportation mode. With just a little bit of brains and a little bit of driving carefully, you will surely be quite safe on a motorcycle.

We have a third option. The option that not too many people consider at all, but surely is the way of the future. It’s called the “Hornet” and is a monowheel concept bike that can literally turn on a dime. If you haven’t been scared before, you can be sure to get the thrill of a lifetime on this bike. Equipped with the latest Segway technology, your ride is smooth and controlled enabling you to enjoy the weird feeling of hanging on for dear life on this monowheel.

Designer Liam Ferguson‘s super bike was the winner of the prestigious VACC competition and his bike is one of the coolest concepts to ever reach a zero emission class grading. Powered by dyal 74hp in-wheel hydrogen fuel cell six-phase eodymium-iron electric motors gives the bike one hell of a punch when throttled for speed.

When parked, the monowheel uses two side-by-side small wheels to stabilize it gyroscopically. When the rider accelerates, the bike tilts forward and lifts the rear stabilizing the wheels and making the center wheel the point of balance. Weighing in at 176kg, the monowheel has been designed to maintain it’s insane turning radius of zero meters.