How Beneficial Are Receipt Trackers For Shopping Rewards System

Remember when our parents were constantly on the lookout for the latest coupons and taking advantage of any sales to save money? Today, the trend of clipping coupons has definitely died out, especially that most of us tend to chuck out any brochure or magazine into the trash, before even taking a look at it. Let’s be honest, coupons are not only useless but also a huge waste of paper.

But what if you could save money just by scanning your receipts? If you’re anything like us, your history with receipts are either to scrunch them up as soon as you’re out of the store, chuck them in your bag or wallet without taking another glance at them and then having to de-receipt your wallet because it is too messy.

If your idea of a storage system for your bills is adding them to the front compartment in your car, it honestly isn’t very handy when we actually need to check that tiny piece of document. Finding the right one is an absolute nightmare. That’s where receipt trackers come in handy. With a receipt tracker, your filing system becomes digital and easy to access.

All you have to do is download an app that enables receipt data extraction on your smartphone or install the software and scan/upload your receipts every time you make a new purchase. That way you got your receipt stored on file and you can avoid having to hold on to a little piece of paper. In this article, you will be able to know more about how beneficial receipt trackers are.

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How Does Scanning Your Receipts Help You Save Money?

While there are many advantages to scanning your receipts, especially when it comes to taxes and the tax returns you could be able to claim by showing your purchases, one of the best things about receipt trackers is how it goes hand in hand with shopping reward systems.

When you go to the grocery store, for instance, and upload your receipts, you could end up saving money by getting cash back, receiving points or coupons to be used for upcoming purchases. There are several receipt trackers that have joined forces with shopping reward systems, allowing you to access rewards just by scanning in your receipts.

It’s simple, the act of scanning every time you have a bill in your hand not only allows you to store it digitally and keep it safe but it also automatically gives you more points.  Depending on the software being used, your receipts could have a certain value based on their amount, which store they’re from or every time you scan a new document, you could gain points or coins that can help you save money by one of the following options:


Sometimes, a bill from a certain store can help you receive instant cashback as a percentage of your bill which is added on to your account until you have at least $10. Then, you’ll be given the option to redeem the amount either by unlocking offers on your reward system or having it sent to your registered PayPal account.

Discounts And Offers

The other option would be to receive a digital sort of coupons for specific items (sometimes even specific brands), a percentage discount from a certain store, or an offer you can’t refuse such as buy one get one free, for example.


The oldest form of reward systems available is translating your expenditure in miles. It’s simple really, the more you spend, the more miles you get. It doesn’t matter what you spend on, but it depends on what you’ve signed up for and the gadgets/software you’re using.

Imagine having your yearly expenses, especially if you’re a business owner, add up to an amount that grants you enough miles for a free trip. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Definitely worth keeping track of your receipts for!

Gift Cards

With some stores, the more receipts you upload, the more coins you acquire which can be redeemed into gift cards to be used in that store. So, scan away and start earning your loyalty in free items you’ve received by using your gift cards.

How Do These Apps Or Software Work?

It’s Pretty Straightforward. All You Need To Do Is:

  • Take a photo of your receipt. The receipt is stored digitally and is accessible to you at all times in case you need it for business or filing for tax returns.
  • Upload it into your software.
  • Check to see if there are any rewards available for this store.
  • Receive points for scanning receipts
  • Choose the applicable form of payback you prefer
  • Shop and repeat.

The best thing about receipt trackers and shopping reward systems is that they have an added benefit while making your life so much easier. Say goodbye to losing receipts and being unable to find the one in question. Say hello to free points, saving money, making money and receiving more discounts on the stores you visit the most. Doesn’t that sound like a pretty good deal?

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