4 Reasons Why People Avoid Getting A POS Receipt Printer

Point of Sales devices have become quite popular these days. This may be in part because they can save an independent retailer in the neighborhood of 10 % of their total costs, as Entrepreneur Magazine points out. However, the little guy of the group, the POS receipt printer, doesn’t get enough credit.

Unlike the system itself, the cash drawer, or the credit card terminal, it’s possible to complete a transaction without it. This sometimes leaves merchants coming up with a list of reasons why they can do without it.

The problem with that logic is that none of those excuses hold water when the facts are examined. Here is a list of the top four reasons people give when they choose not to round out their kit with a POS receipt printer, and why they aren’t valid.

1. They Cost Too Much

Considering that 35% of small-business owners use their own funds and credit lines, or those of a family member, for business expenses, investing money in any item can be a bit worrisome.

According to the US Small Business Administration (SBA), another 42% manage to secure business-specific funding, yet that capital still doesn’t come easily. With statistics like these, a little apprehension is understandable.

However, the POS receipt printer is a small, but mighty giant. It’s able to save money when it comes to labor costs and loss due to both employee and consumer return fraud. It’s also able to increase revenue when merchants use it to create loyalty programs or disperse coupons. Considering this, the modest investment required to acquire a POS receipt printer can be recouped very quickly. Depending on the nature of the merchant’s business, it can make up for its initial costs perhaps as rapidly as avoiding a single instance of return fraud.

2. The Ink Is Messy

Most of the modern POS receipt printers actually use thermal paper. The unit itself uses heat to cause a reaction on the paper, which darkens wherever there’s print. Therefore, there’s no messy ink involved at all. The only consumable resource that’s involved in the process is the thermal paper itself, unless you include the cost of power, which is minimal.

3. New Technology It Too Confusing To Figure Out

While some new technology might be better suited for the use of NASA scientists, POS receipt printers aren’t on that list. In fact, Shopify hardware and software are designed to be intuitive. This means that each control and button makes logical sense, without the user having to consult a massive book. Anyone who has familiarity with the general functions of an iPad can have a unit set up and running in minutes.

4. I’ll Send Digital Copies

E-receipts are popular in this day and age, and it’s true that some consumers prefer them. With that said, they aren’t for everyone. Older consumers still prefer paper and they make up a larger percentage of shoppers.

Additionally, those who only send digital copies are missing out on a chance to connect with their customers. It turns out that the simple act of passing a slip of paper elicits an emotional response from the consumer. Though undetectable, a positive interaction strengthens the bond and makes for a more loyal patron.

A while back, CVS Caremark received some flack about the lengthy slips their customers received at the registers. People complained and took selfies with receipts that stretched nearly as tall as them. They listed creative ideas as to what they could do with all the excess paper. They posted to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Even parody accounts surfaced as the trend went viral. Oddly enough, there was one thing most people didn’t do. Despite the fact that the company offered delivery of their coupons by e-mail, people didn’t switch over to the paperless option. In spite of the grumbles, people actually liked getting the coupons and being able to hold tangible rewards for being loyal shoppers.

There are many reasons why POS receipt printers benefit merchants. Today’s models are not only economically priced, but they pay for themselves relatively quickly. Because they cut costs and generate revenue, a decision to add one is a sound and simple choice.

They’re also easy to use and much tidier than the older models some people recall from cash register systems of yore. Yet, most importantly, customers still want paper receipts. Whether it’s for peace of mind, a feel-good vibe, or because of the human connection that occurs while passing one over, they improve consumer relations. Regardless of the type of enterprise a business owner runs, a solid and positive relationship with the people it serves is something a price tag cannot be put on.

Why Not Using A POS Receipt Printer Could Be Wrong

POS Receipt Printer Benefits

POS Receipt Printer Benefits

POS Receipt Printer Benefits