How Dash Cams Become So Popular

Dash cams have long since left the world of law enforcement agencies, and become part of the daily traffic routine for many. Just like with everything on the market, there is a reason for it and it has to do with security needs, technological advances, and wider accessibility.

The current popularity of these devices is a testament to our long-existing need for better handling of the usual traffic challenges such as emergencies, accidents, frauds, and safer driving. Let’s look at all of these in more detail, and try to get a picture of why the dash cams are all the rage today.

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Dash Cam Is A Literal Life Saver

You may not want to test it on yourself, but dash cams have an essential feature that has saved numerous lives. Yes, we are talking about an automated emergency notification system that kicks in in case of an accident, that leaves a driver unconscious or unable to call for help.

Dash cams can be set up to send notifications that require drivers’ feedback on their screens. In case the driver is unable to reply to these prompts, dash cams can automatically get in touch with the designated emergency services in a particular area.

This is particularly important if the drivers are traveling alone, especially if the road takes them to isolated or sparsely populated areas. The usefulness of this feature does not cover accidents alone, as the drivers can just as easily fall ill and require immediate medical help.

Cams Provide Quality Legal Evidence

This is yet another feature that you do not want to make use of all too often, but it can save you loads of money and trouble. We are talking about car accidents in which you were not a guilty party.

Since many of these accidents have legal consequences, whatever footage your dash cam recorded prior to them will be of great use before the court. If you are innocent, this will spare you a fine or a prison sentence and shorten the time you would otherwise have to waste in relying on witnesses and traffic experts.

Fraudsters Beware

This is somewhat similar to the role of dash cams in court proceedings, but unlike traffic accidents, false insurance claims are clearly premeditated. This type of scam involves preparing a trap in which an unaware driver is falsely accused of causing material or health damage to someone while driving. Dashboard cameras make short work of these frauds, thanks to providing rock-solid evidence of your innocence at the court.

Catching Reckless Drivers, Even Home-Based Ones

Helping the police keep our streets clean from Mad Max-style drivers is yet another great feature of dash cams. They will easily record all drivers who cause traffic violations and put people’s lives at risk. You simply have to record everything and forward your evidence to the traffic authorities.

Also, dash cams are winning over many parents of kids who want to take their vehicles for a joyride, particularly when they are not allowed to. Even if you give them green light for a short and safe drive, you can use your camera’s footage as proof that everything went just as they promised it would.


Dash cams are skyrocketing in terms of mainstream availability and the number of popular use cases. As their technology gets perfected, they will continue to act as life-saving devices, a source of legal evidence, and a tool of traffic control for the years to come.

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