3 Technologies That Are Making Bicycles A Lot Safer

Bicycling can be safer. There are technologies that are making your standard bicycle safer already, but many of these technologies have yet to make it to the mainstream. Why is it important to take bicycle safety seriously? Well, for starters, bicycles need to be safer in general.

Bicycle accidents caused 720 deaths in 2014. The death statistics are falling, and these statistics will continue to decline thanks to technological advancements.

The most promising technologies that are making bicycles safer are the below-listed ones.

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1. COBI – Connected Biking Comes Alive

COBI changes the way that people use their bicycle. This system revitalizes bicycles in a way that’s never been done before. Instead of going into your next bicycle route alone, you’ll have intelligent assistance to guide you along the way.

An award-winning system, you’ll connect your bike to your smartphone to allow for:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Convenience
  • Fun on any trail

Utilizing a smartphone hub, COBI will offer a phone mount, charges, and headlight. There is also a slew of communication going on through the phone’s sensors, including ambient light detection, altimeter, and barometer.

You’ll be able to control your smartphone hands-free using COBI. The system will also provide audible and visual alerts to cyclists. It’s the easy way to turn your boring, old bike into a smart bike.

2. Hovding Airbags

Hovding airbags are revolutionary, and if there is one technology that has the potential to save lives, this is it. The technology uses automobile airbags as inspiration, and it’s enhanced for the vulnerable cyclist.

Designed in Sweden, these airbags have 200 sensors that measure movement every one-tenth of a second.

Hovding will keep measuring via your helmet and will inflate when it recognizes impact. The goal is to help protect the rider’s:

  • Head
  • Neck

But you need to wear the company’s helmet for this product to work. Cyclists who refuse to wear helmets will not benefit from the Hovding airbags.

There were 515,000 injuries due to bicycle accidents in 2010 in the United States. Traumatic brain injuries account for 26,000 of these injuries. Hovding airbags can greatly reduce the occurrence of these injuries.

3. Orp Smart Horn

Orp’s Smart Horn makes activities more fun and safer. These horns are a gadget that will attach to the rider’s handle and acts as a headlight and horn combo. The Orp Smart Horn offers a variety of settings that you can control with a remote or on the device.

Small in size, the horn has a decibel level of 76 to 96.

LED lights on the device will flash every time you turn on the horn. The light has a variety of settings, including:

  • Always-on
  • Strobe

You can choose between slow and fast strobe options. Orp’s goal is to make bicyclists seen and heard on the road. Incorporating the technology into a small device that’s easily mounted to your bike’s handle makes using the Orp intuitive.

Bicycle safety is advancing as technology continues to advance.

These three technologies are just a few of the options available to cyclists that lower the risk of getting into an accident. When accidents do occur, the Hovding airbag reacts offering protection for your neck and head.

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3 Technologies That Are Making Bicycles A Lot Safer

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