An Excerpt On How DevOps Is Changing The IT Industry

DevOps is impacting the IT industry in a steady way. To achieve continuous deployment companies are opting the DevOps culture more and more. In this article we’ll delve into the aspects of how DevOps is impacting the IT industry as per the survey conducted by Puppet and DORA (DevOps research and assessment) in 2017.

The survey is conducted on 3200 people across the world. The percentage of people using DevOps has increased considerably as indicated by this survey where in 2014 16% of people worked on DevOps who participated in the survey. The number increased to 22% in 2016 and now in 2017 the percentage is 27%. Let’s take a stroll into the various trends in the adoption of DevOps in the year 2017. On the other hand if you want to learn DevOps then DevOps training of Intellipaat is there for you.

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IT Performance Metrics

It was found that optimal performers deployed 46 times more often than the under performers with over 440 times faster lead times. Even in terms of recovery time optimal performers recovered 96 times more faster than their underperformers. In terms of change failure rates high performers have five times lower change failure rates.

Five Qualities Of Effective Leadership

There are five characteristics that transformational leaders have that shape an organization’s culture and practices which drives high the performance of the company. They are supportive leadership, vision, motivational communication, intellectual simulation and personal recognition. These characteristics are directly proportional to IT performance. Optimal performing teams have managers and leaders who have more of these traits. Low performers have less of these traits. Obviously teams bereft of such inspiring leaders were not likely to be high performers.

Loosely Coupled Is The Trend

The strongest indicator of continuous delivery was loosely coupled teams and architectures. The key to higher performance in IT is migrating to loosely coupled services where each service can be developed and released independent of the other. The trend also works when teams are also loosely coupled. Increased throughput and enhanced quality and stability may be penned as the benefits of loosely coupled teams and services.

DevOps & Other Trends

As always the 2017 report showed a faster throughput and improved stability in optimally performing teams. The underperformers continued to have slower recovery and large failure rates. The underperformers when stressed for higher rate of code deployment compromise on quality and this is the reason for this trend.

Optimal performers are seen as automating more than other teams in terms on configuration management, testing, deployments and change approval processes. Hence the feedback process is fast and time for innovation and research is more.

Optimal performers were twice as likely to reach their targets along both financial and non-financial measures.

To deliver features that clients truly want and to do that more often lean product management practices. Teams can therefore experiment with this because any success in it leads to faster delivery cycles and an interactive feedback loop. In terms of profitability, productivity, and market share the entire firm can benefit from this.

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