Kinect: Hacked To Let You Interact As A Puppeteer!

Even though I hate to admit it, I must say that I am still very new to the whole Kinect movement. Sure, I have seen my share of vids and demonstrations, but I am still to get into the technology behind it. What’s clear is that it is a truly interesting and useful tool in not only gaming, but in a multitude of other areas as well. Nintendo Wii has to be shaking in fear because of losing all those market shares due to the strong advancement of the Kinect. Kinect is so much more than just bundled up technology for gaming. There are more and more videos being put on the Internet where new areas of usage are presented in what is called “Hacked” modding.

There are some hacks out there that have been quite impressive, but the one that I enjoy the most is this one from Emily Gobeille and Theo Watson who have created a kind of puppeteering hack for the Kinect. It lets you, using your hands and arms, puppeteer a little puppet (which I guess you will be able to choose later on), in real-time.

Not only can I understand the vast impact this will have on live puppet shows around the world, but also the huge enjoyment for children to actually interact on a larger scale with a 3D generated puppet. With faster technology, probably made available in the future, this will be one hell of a teaching method for small children. It’s brilliant work if you ask me!

Source: [YouTube]