How To Find The Right IT Support Company For Your Business

Finding the IT support company that is the perfect fit for your business may seem like a daunting prospect. Still, by following some key pieces of advice, it can be reduced to ticking a few boxes and making sure that you have a good feeling about the people involved.

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Apprenticeships And Fresh Ideas

IT is, as we all know, an industry in constant flux, and one of the most important strings to an IT support company’s bow is ensuring that new blood is given a chance to make a mark. Shaun, MD at UK IT support company Cultrix, explains how they manage this.

“Our rolling apprenticeship scheme is key to building our helpdesk with enthusiastic young people who understand great customer service. We have trained and recruited some fantastic engineers who are heavily involved in the continued growth and success of the company.” It would be wise to ensure that any IT support company you approach has a positive apprenticeship scheme.

How Fast Can They Respond To Your Problems?

Having an IT support company that can be on hand within a matter of hours to deal with any issues you may be having is essential. One way of making sure that this is likely is to go local. Not only are you more likely to have engineers nearby, but you are also more able to build up a good rapport as well as supporting the local community. Quick response should be at the top of your list of requirements.

Test Them With A Phone Call

We all know the frustration of dealing with a company whose phone number leads to a seemingly infinite web of options, none of which seem to result in speaking to an actual human. With your IT support company, not only do you want to test the ease in which you reach someone, but you want to be in direct communication with an engineer who can help.

How Good Is Their Remote Monitoring Software?

Making sure that the company you choose benefits from some incredibly robust remote monitoring software is vital. You want your systems secure 24 hours a day, so there must be software running to ensure everything is as it should be, a key requirement. Quiz them on this software and have it checked by someone with good IT knowledge if possible.

How Much Experience Do They Have In Your Field?

One of the most important requirements for finding the perfect IT support company is making sure that they have the requisite level of understanding of how your business and industry work. This will make it much easier to explain what you need, what could be improved, and which kind of data is particularly sensitive, for example.

Check Client Feedback

Finally, as is the case with almost everything these days, often the best way of gauging a company’s credibility and expertise is by reading reviews and feedback from recent customers.

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