How To Get The Most From Your CMM Machines

If you already have a coordinate measuring machine (CMM machine), you know how metrology equipment can boost your factory’s efficiency. CMM machines are stalwarts of the production line, performing quality control by inspecting parts and objects with more precision and speed than a human employee ever could. Like all equipment, CMM machines need to be correctly set up and maintained. Keep reading to learn more tips to help you get the most from your CMM machines.

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Initial Calibration

CMM machines need to produce reliable, repeatable, and precise results. Even small unaccounted for variances like the temperature of the room it’s in can impact its performance. Look for your local CMM experts to install the machine on your factory floor at the outset, so it works to spec right from the start.

They should be ISO 9000 and 17025 accredited and be able to calibrate all styles and types of CMM machines. This includes ISO 17025 accredited calibrations for Faro and Romer portable arms. Once the machines are professionally installed, you can feel confident that they’re ready to perform quality control on your production line.

Upgrades And Retrofits

Does your CMM machine have the latest and most suitable software? Modern CMM software can do very impressive things, and there may be an older program that could be more beneficial for your purposes.

Often, the most knowledgeable CMM experts are the people who have been selling them for years, even decades. Find the CMM experts near you who can optimize your metrology software and hardware.

Machine Relocation

Moving a CMM machine is not like moving a photocopier, especially if it’s a Gantry or another CMM machine designed to inspect very large parts and objects. If you are shuffling things around and need to relocate your CMM machine, you need professionals to pack it up and reinstall it. The metrology experts you call to relocate your machine don’t need to be the people who originally sold it to you.

Employee Training

CMM machines and the software involved are specialized equipment and programs that require training to run properly. Especially now, it’s crucial to find a metrology expert that can teach e-learning sessions. Even before the pandemic, e-learning was an effective way to learn about CMM machines. They also let employees who already worked in the field brush up on their skills.

Typically, employees remember only about 20% of their course material training, so having a resource for them that’s always accessible ensures that the people who work this equipment have the answers they need at their fingertips.

Businesses need to do everything they can to work efficiently, produce high-quality goods for lower costs, and CMM machines help make this possible. Your factory will stay humming if you support your employees with safe and modern training, keep your machines in good condition, and ensure you get professional support when you need to relocate or install your metrology equipment.

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