How Green Is The iPhone… [Infographic]

When everyone is talking about the environment, and how we can save ourselves from ending our luxurious living on a planet made out of dust, it’s not hard to apply that thinking to pretty much any area of our lives. Even making a simple paper roll is causing further destruction of the ozone layer, so the fact that scientists and researchers are constantly trying to figure out non CO2 processes to produce just about everything isn’t hard to understand.

But are the companies around the world taking their own responsibility for what they are destroying? In some countries they are, but the funny part is that what’s being done in one country can cause serious issues for another country, even if it’s several thousand miles away. That’s why governments around the world are looking in to the possibility of increasing the fees for companies when they release hazardous pollutions. You might be interested in knowing that even charging your iPhone is causing quite a bit of CO2 to be released into the atmosphere.

So, as the title might imply, how green is the iPhone really? Well, as you know, they redid the packaging and the exterior (and even the interior) of the iPhone so it’s way greener than the incarnations before it. But if we were to say it’s a 100% green, that would be to lie about the whole process. The brilliant and analytical minds over at Geekaphone assembled an infographic that will shed some light on the process of making an entirely new iPhone from scratch, and how much CO2 it will emit through the steps.

The fact is that if all iPhones that were bought during 2010 were to charged at the same time, it would be equal to having a light bulb lit for 357 years. That’s an amazing amount of energy, and the CO2 it takes to create and deliver that kind of energy is astounding. And that’s just one charge! Imagine all the times you charge your iPhone, and apply that to the millions of iPhones around the world. The thought is staggering, isn’t it? A simple trick to really make sure you use the battery to its full extent is to let the battery completely drain out before recharging it. Not only will the battery last longer, but it will also hold your charge longer. Saving the world of unnecessary CO2 emissions doesn’t have to be complicated.

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How Green Is The iPhone