How To Increase The Load Carrying Capacity Of Your Car

Did you know that around 51,000 car crashes have happened due to debris falling off of cars? One of any vehicle’s best features is the capacity to carry loads of luggage and other cargo. However, going beyond what your car can carry can put you and other people’s safety on the road at risk. Every vehicle has its own payload capacity limit, but it can be enhanced. If you want to increase the total amount of cargo you can carry without risking road safety, check out our helpful tips below.

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Get A Leaf Spring Upgrade

Leaf springs are one of the most important parts of your vehicle’s suspension system. They are designed to keep the wheels of your vehicle moving smoothly over bumps and potholes. Because of this, your ride will be smoother and more comfortable for you and your passengers. Aside from the comfort it provides, upgrading, or adding a new set of leaf springs can also boost the carrying capacity of your vehicle.

You may either replace your car’s current leaf springs with heavy-duty ones or you can add another leaf spring. Ideally, using heavy-duty leaf springs is an easy and effective way to help your vehicle handle heavier loads. However, this might not be a good option if budgeting is a huge concern. If your existing leaf springs are still in good condition, it is more practical to just use an additional leaf spring to boost your car’s load capacity. It will be added between the current leaf spring and rebound springs or mounted onto your current leaf spring.

Install A Hitch Cargo Carrier

If you want to be able to carry more luggage and gear, another great option is hitch cargo carriers. If you want to get the most of your fuel economy and if ease of access matters most to you, then a hitch cargo carrier would be perfect. As there are several products in the market, choosing the best hitch cargo carrier is very important. After all, you need to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

When shopping for one, you have to take into consideration the carrier’s durability, material, structural design, safety feature, size, and ease of installation. The best hitch cargo carrier should be able to handle the objects it needs to carry and must support the total weight of what you intend to bring with you on the road. Most importantly, you should also check if the carrier is compatible with your vehicle’s set-up.

Buy A Roof Rack For Your Car

If your car does not have a hitch or if you have a car with a pre-installed rack, rooftop racks are another option. Roof racks are known for their versatility when it comes to the type of objects you can carry with it. It can range from bikes, kayaks, cargo, and more. If you need to travel with a lot of big gear for your outdoor adventure, roof racks are recommended because it has a more flexible weight capacity as compared to hitch cargo carriers.

Just like hitch cargo carriers, you have to take into consideration several factors to make sure that you have the right rooftop rack. This includes the items you want to carry, the size of your car, storage space you need, and its accessibility.

Add A Bed Rack To Your Pickup Truck

If you want to carry more objects in your pickup truck, another option would be adding a bed rack. A bed rack will provide a platform for you to mount a variety of objects ranging from bikes, kayaks, and tents. This offers the opportunity to carry objects that can not normally fit in your truck bed. Alternatively, you can also add more storage space for your truck bed by getting side-mounted bed racks. What’s great about this is that it can prevent large objects you carry from obstructing your view.

Extend The Size Of Your Truck Bed

A truck bed extension can also offer more storage space for your vehicle particularly your pickup truck. It will maximize your vehicle’s cargo capacity and evenly distribute the weight of your cargo. This is perfect if you want to carry sofas and other long items on your truck bed.

There are several options for you to boost the carrying capacity of your vehicle. Given the variety of choices, the best solution will depend on your preferences and budget. However, before you increase the load-carrying capacity of your car, make sure to keep in mind your car’s payload limit.

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