General Education: This Is How Keys Work

We are always trying to find topics on the very edge of technology. Sometimes we could do with a little bit of general education as well, don’t you think? The world is always going to invent new things, but without the common knowledge, it’s easy to fall behind. That is why I thought I would cover a topic that maybe not everyone understands. It’s something that is common practice in all of our everyday lives.  I am going to cover the topic of how keys work.

For many people, opening a door is as easy as breathing. You insert the key, turn it and the lock is unlocked. But that’s about where all the magic ends for people when it comes to how keys work. This highly technical solution for keeping our stuff safe all happens within the bolt itself. You may not see it, but there is a very intricate process to actually unlocking a locked door. It’s all comes down to how keys work.

You might be sitting there thinking there is nothing to it, but there definitely is. Understanding how keys work will give you a better understanding for why a broken tooth on a key will render the entire unlocking endeavor a complete failure. Each lock has a unique combination of rods that when aligned in the right way will unlock the lock. The alignment code is unique for each lock, which makes our doors as secure as can be. There are of course ways to “hack” an analog lock, just as there are with a software driven lock. All you need to do is find a way to figure out the alignment setup of the rods within the lock itself, and you can basically create your own key. However, this is easier said than done.

In this animated GIF, you can clearly see just how keys work. It’s a cut through view of how the process works and what makes the lock itself so safe. The could broaden your understanding when it comes to home security as well. Not everyone knows this intricate process, so hopefully this little mini explanation will render some useful information for you.

Explanation: How Keys Work


Via: [Oh Gizmo!]