How Do You Know That Your Mac’s Days Are Over?

If you’re using a Mac for work, you’ll indeed be alarmed if it abruptly stops or slows down. These issues undermine normal work processes, cause many inconveniences, and in most cases, signal about the Mac’s approximating death. Searching is slow, and you’re often left waiting as your computer decides what to do next. Hence, it’s a big hassle.

There could be several reasons why your Mac is working slowly. The hardware may be defective or simply outdated.  Otherwise, your device may be decelerated by a software problem. Thus, to clarify what’s wrong and seek some DIY solutions, you first need to check the RAM and startup settings. To address this problem effectively, check the 20 tips from pros aimed to help speed up your Mac.

The tips mentioned above may help you resolve some minor issues with your Mac, bringing it back to normal functioning. But what to do if your device has suddenly stopped turning on or shows scary messages about its failure? In some cases, you can’t remedy the situation with simple DIY troubleshooting and need professional help. Here are the signs of Mac’s failure that you should diagnose early to take action and save your device.

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What Are The Signals That Your Mac Has Serious Problems?

While some minor issues are easily manageable with DIY life hacks, there are still some problems pointing at the fact that your Mac’s life is nearly over (at least if you don’t provide emergency help to it). Here are some cases when turning to a professional repair service  or official Apple Support is a must.

1. It Turns On Too Slow

You might know what the typical time for your Mac to turn on is, and when that time extends to eternity, you might be concerned about the device’s health. It’s true that dying Macs usually start very slowly or show the startup errors on the screen. The easiest way to check whether the problem is with cluttered memory or something else is to boot your Mac in a safe mode by pressing and holding the Shift key.

Once it is done, the computer’s troubleshooting can be performed in the First Aid section. By clicking on that tab, you launch the Mac’s self-diagnostics function, and that check’s results will show what the problem really is.

2. Your Mac’s Battery Dies Too Fast

Once you notice that your Mac’s battery power is approximating zero, it’s time to think of replacing the battery (not a Mac). Macs are famous for their lasting batteries, but nothing lasts forever, and the health of your battery is not an exception. With years, the battery wears down and holds power for less time. Luckily, Apple has an official battery replacement program allowing owners of Macs to enjoy the smooth operation of their devices for more years.

However, it’s still reasonable to double-check whether the problem with quick battery discharge is only in the battery. Sometimes, old Macs accumulate hard drive and hardware problems, affecting your device’s performance and cause issues. Thus, if the battery is to blame, it’s enough to replace it, but if your Mac is failing entirely, a new battery won’t help.

3. Performance Failures On Mac OS X

The recent update of Macs’ OS to OS X has caused serious pressure on the owners of old Macs as those devices turned out unable to function correctly after the new OS’s installation. The reason for such an issue is more significant hardware requirements for the new operating system, which Macs older than 2007 can’t support. So, if you’re an owner of an old Mac, you have several options – either run an old OS while it’s still possible or buy a new Mac compatible with those new specs.

Diagnose Mac’s Issues Early

It may appear challenging to repair your Mac, especially if you are unsure of what happened or where to begin the troubleshooting. However, by following our tips and doing competent diagnostics, you might learn to distinguish minor problems easily fixed on your own and grave problems requiring professional help. Don’t postpone turning to an expert if you see your Mac is dying; timely assistance and troubleshooting can save it and prolong its working time.

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