How Software Can Reduce Human Error In Cannabis Production

Any cannabis producer knows that manually filling out forms and filing them away in dusty cabinets is a recipe for administrative mayhem. As demand grows, and you scale your business up, this outdated paper-pushing system is sure to break down along the way. Suppliers may not receive payment, which affects the longevity of your partnerships, and patient records may be misplaced, delaying orders and putting their health at risk.

Luckily, software programs can be customized to your specific venture to maximize efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and propel your brand into the future by keeping on the pulse of the industry. The key is to locate areas for improvement and partner with a company that shares the motivations behind your business.

Here are three major areas where software can unburden your staff and help them be more meticulous in their roles in the cultivation process. Unlike humans, code never gets tired, regardless of how repetitive the task.

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Data Tracking

Only the most advanced companies offer cannabis seed to sale software that gives you a complete picture of the growth of each plant. You’ll be able to track every movement from the moment a seed hits the soil to the moment the product is in a patient’s hands. When it comes to complying with the Cannabis Act and the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, this kind of detailed information is exactly what regulators are looking for.

From a consumer perspective, tracking every aspect of your operation also helps ensure consistent product quality. Whether it’s a plant’s level of light exposure or the exact quantity of fertilizer applied, cannabis growing software automates this tedious record-keeping for you, allowing you to isolate issues and fix them without delay.

Data Aggregation

Data aggregation is an area in cannabis management software that medical and recreational cultivators have yet to fully appreciate. Having all of your data in one place not only enables objective decision-making, it also saves you money and keeps your business on the cutting-edge of the industry.

These advantages come from analyzing metrics for every client in every region of your business through an easy-to-navigate interface. You’ll stay ahead of competitors by anticipating trends, identifying popular products, and managing inventory accordingly. In addition, superior software will facilitate recalls and customer relationship management with fewer hours of lost productivity.

Making decisions by feel and instinct is simply no longer an option in the federally-regulated cannabis supply chain. Operational transparency and detailed record-keeping are the only ways to achieve regulatory compliance, and software is the catalyst to get you there.


The beauty of cannabis tracking and reporting software is that it can oversee all the repetitive tasks that try our attention as human beings. These include filling out regulatory paperwork and updating databases that may track tens of thousands of plants. There’s no point in wasting your employees’ time when you can automatically update your records through wireless scanners or similar hardware integrations.

It’s clear that cannabis software benefits licensed producers and their clients by maintaining a level of order and thoroughness humans cannot sustain. The call-to-action is a simple but powerful one: find a team the right company with industry experience to optimize your business so you can see your numbers soar.

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