How To Activate Your Salesforce Data

Salesforce is the big dog when it comes to feature-packed CRM software. Customer engagement, task management, workflow creation, collaboration tools, opportunity tracking, analytics, and a mobile-ready interface have made the platform immensely popular. Their customers include a roster of elite names such as Amazon Web Services, T-Mobile, American Express, The Hershey Company, L’Oréal Americas, Toyota, and U.S. Bank.

That makes it the perfect compliment to Snowflake, a best-in-class data warehouse that has quickly grown since its initial IPO in 2020. It got started as a cloud-first platform instead of converting over from on-premises, making it a cutting-edge choice. A rich feature set, simple pricing, and fast, affordable results have catapulted Snowflake into the big leagues.

Putting Salesforce and Snowflake together creates a powerhouse combination that allows companies to keep internal data and third-party data on a single platform. Insights and analytics such as services needs and customer view are deeper and more easily found with fewer of the difficulties associated with data silos. The enriched data in Snowflake gets synced right back into the tools their business teams are already using.

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Enter Hightouch

Take that combination one step further, and you have Hightouch’s data activation. Hightouch is a leading data activation provider whose platform is natively available within Snowflake. Customers can initiate Hightouch from their Snowflake account with the push of a button. Hightouch is a validated partner recognized by Data Cloud for its best practices and product integrations, holding both Snowflake-ready and Premier Partner status.

Legacy data platforms have trouble keeping up with the pace of modern business. 12 months is a long time to wait when reverse ETL capabilities allow Hightouch and Snowflake to build end-to-end data platforms in a matter of hours. This centralizes customer data workloads, creating an additional level of power that allows businesses increased efficiencies and faster innovations across the board.

The real-time effects of this are evident with reduced customer churn, and improved ad spending, increased marketing conversions and revenue impacts. Inflexible pre-defined models are replaced with adaptable data models.

Custom scripting and maintenance are reduced since engineers can readily use the data tools they’re most comfortable with. This means accurate, relevant, real-time customer data within the tools they prefer.

Security is also improved because the data stays in the data cloud, and the integration is vetted by Snowflake. This is no small task considering how affordable and simple Snowflake has made it to consolidate data into a single source of truth. Data analysts can easily set up and write their own SQL with Snowflake’s fast and flexible UI.

A Faster Way To Use Enriched Data

Analytics engineers can combine data and build complicated models from a variety of systems and sources in Snowflake. Powerful insights can be attained when used by machine learning tools and systems, BI, and data science.

These insights are typically presented in reports and dashboards, which take time. With the Hightouch integration, that data can start producing value right away by syncing with the tools their business team already uses. The greater benefit is attained with data that can perform, rather than simple reports and dashboards.

This has revolutionized the speed at which the Snowflake Data Cloud is accessible to business teams. Customized scripts to build pipelines from Snowflake back to CRMs, customer success apps, and marketing platforms are no longer needed. This is a time savings of weeks to months.

Hightouch syncs handle both the pipe lining and maintenance, making it no longer necessary to patch up those pesky pipelines. This frees up your team to focus on improving sales, marketing, and business-wide operations by creating useful models with those data insights.

Even better, the Hightouch UI features a point-and-click workflow suitable for employees with minimal technical knowledge. Your sales and marketing teams won’t be scratching their heads trying to figure out SQL.

Data Drives Your Business

While many businesses pride themselves on claiming to be “data-driven,” it can be a hard title to live up to. Technology moves fast, and most companies don’t have the flexibility to adapt equally quickly. Data infrastructure, insights, and operations often find themselves at the mercy of new tech and business practices. This is compounded by never-ending increases in both the quantity of data and sources for that data.

All told, only about a quarter of companies claiming to be “data-driven” can say it with conviction. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Combining the strength of Salesforce, the structure of Snowflake, and the seamless integration of Hightouch makes it more achievable than ever before.

It’s the modern way to fast-track your business to centralize your data and consolidate it into a single course of truth. Your data is quickly and easily useful, so your teams can run with it and act on insights almost as quickly as they can be produced.

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