How To: Build a real Lightsaber!

The world of Star Wars have never been bigger and better than it is now but still there is one thing we all think about when we hear the word Star Wars. We all of course think about Mace Windu, the Jedi played by Samuel L. Jackson. Nah, not really… What we all think about is…yup that’s right, the lightsaber. A weapon created to deal out maximum amount of destruction and really could be used as a can opener as well. Quite handy in pretty much any situation, if you’re a Jedi.

The lightsaber has come and gone in several different forms and shapes. You can buy it or make one using toilet paper rolls taped together. However, in a fight I would suggest you run instead of fighting. The outcome of that fight is quite clear if you really think about it.

But, there is also another way to make your very own lightsaber. And a truly cool and good looking one if you ask me! Alright, maybe it doesn’t come with your own light ray cutter blade and all. This you have to add digitally. But look at it from the positive side. You get to pick your own color. Every Hello Kitty fan should love this as you all get to pick pink as your saber light blade. You could even give it the Avatar blue if you’re in to that whole world instead. I still prefer one of the original colors. Blue, Red or Green.

So, you’re eager to get started and let me tell you. Your lightsaber is not far away from being done and it won’t cost you that much either. But, I should warn you that it’s quite a bit of work but the result is all worth it. Another warning would of course be that all of your friends will be jealous so keep that in mind before you go showing off your new found love. Enjoy!