How To: Create Mobile and Desktop Apps

There  so many mediums available for people now to download applications to make their experience richer and enjoyable. You have your mobile phones,  the iPod, iTouch and now the iPad.  These gadgets have now opened more opportunities for application developers.  Even though the market for application is growing, there is still the challenge for developing and supporting multi platforms, one because it is complicated and two, it is expensive.

But don’t fret, there is a new tool for you to check out.  It is called the Appcelerator.  It enables application developers to build intuitive, content-rich applications for Mobile and Desktop platforms.  Plus it allows them to:

  • Increase revenue by creating new applications that have the richness of web content and the performance and capabilities of mobile devices and the desktop apps
  • Cut development time in half by building apps once and deploying on multiple platforms.  We’re building apps in 2 days!
  • Drive down development costs by building applications with the web team you have today.
  • Avoid vendor lock-in by using an open platform that maximizes your choices. You’re never sandboxed and are in control to meet your evolving needs.

You can download the Titanium (open source) here.  I have included the demo for those interested to try the application.

Main Image Source

Welcome to Appcelerator from Appcelerator Video Channel on Vimeo.