How To: Draw Real Time 3D Images On A 2D Surface

It has long been the limit of the Wacom board, for example, to draw 3D images (in real time) on a 2D surface. Usually the “z” axis has been lacking in its presence and you have had to do that on a computer where you have this whole mouse/interface thing going on. Sure, there are plenty of 3D softwares out there, but none of them are doing exactly what this new and genius devices does.

This actually lets you draw in 3D in real time. All you need is the controller, and you’re all ready to go. The secret of this little gadget is that when you push it, you get a z axis motion on the surface you’re drawing on. You will be able to see the line appear in 3D. Not only does it do that in perfect order, you can also bend it and pivot it any way you like. And it’s all in real time so you can see the results instantly.

This first prototype is for cad designers that draw up product prototypes. The developers of this are certain that it will catch on by many artists and 3D developers as well. The user interface is far too simple and easy to use for any of these people to overlook it and keep to the sometimes awkward and time consuming processes they are used to now.