How To: Get A Job At Google, Apple or Facebook [Infographic]

I just learned today that one in four young professionals starting their career journey wants to work for Google. It’s not surprising really. We all know the reputation for innovation and world domination that Google has, but in addition to that, their offices around the world are always inspiring and fun workspaces.

Recently pictures of the newly designed Google office in Zurich surfaced and wow, it truly looks like a place employees would look forward to going each day. Instead of individual offices, the employees share a huge collaborative space complete with a slide, basketball court, comfy couches, funky pods and tons of sunlight coming through the windows. You can see pictures here.

Apple is in the process of building a new headquarters, and we’ve all seen that innovative design recently. In the Facebook corporate office, there is a place for employees to park their bikes, instead of their cars. There is also a chef ready to prepare anything their heart desires in the lunchroom. Wow, most offices only have a vending machine at best. Aside from the inspiring work environment, putting Google, Facebook or Apple on a resume doesn’t look too bad either. They are definitely companies everyone is paying attention to right now, and it’s considered a career status symbol to work at any of the three. However, how would a person who wants to land a job there go about it? That is the million-dollar question.

There are definitely some dos and don’ts to follow along the way. Last year, PC World published an article called How To Get Your First Tech Job – It’s Not What You Think. That article offered some advice that I think could be helpful for anyone looking for a tech job at a high profile company. Masters Degree recently published this infographic about how to get a job in tech. I found these stats about Google, Facebook and Apple very interesting, especially the resume dos and don’ts. I hope you like this information as much as I did.

How To Get Tech Job

Via: [Masters Degree]