How To | Get FREE Cell Phone service

So, someone finally cracked the big one and is now probably going to get sued by the giant cell phone service companies and likes. I am sure they are out of their wits by now of anger as I am sure this will spread like wild fires around the world. The cool thing with this techniques is that it will work anywhere in the world. No matter what network supplier you are using in your country. In just a few steps you will secure free cell phone service and never again have to pay for your cell phone. Imagine the freedom. No more bills.

After watching some peoples iPhone bills stacking up like lawsuits at the Jackson’s estate it’s clear this was inevitable to happen. People no longer want to pay for something so significant as cell phone service. It should be every persons right to have free service. And now it is.

Check out this ground breaking clip. You won’t regret it! I am sure you will feel a lot more at ease knowing you have beat the multinational companies of their everyday business. Oh, and make sure you’re using the right kind of peanut butter. Enjoy!