How To: Hack Websites Using Google

As security measures on servers all around the world are beefed up, hackers are getting forever more clever. They find more and more ways to gain access to whatever they feel is important to check out or damage. What most people don’t know is that there are several different methods of hacking certain sites if you just know how to utilize the public free tools that are available to you on a daily basis.

When you think about this, I am sure you’re trying to think of something that you’re using every day that you could use to hack someone’s site, but you can’t figure out what tool that might be. Well, it’s the worlds most visited website, Google. Yes, you can actually use Google to “sort of” hack a few sites if you know how to use the epic search engine available to everyone (except the countries that have violated Google’s privacy agreement).

Within just a few keystrokes, you can literally gain access and control over webcams as well as network printers around the world. You can do all this and more if you only know what you want to gain access to. I agree, it’s a bit freaky, and I am not sure if Google has pulled this security risk off of their search engine just yet. As you can see, it’s quite easy and it makes for a great prank if you want to pull one on a friend. (Unplugging my printers and everything else RIGHT NOW)