How To: Kill your Cable TV!

CES is just a haven of new and cool things. As usual there are things that pop out more than others and this year we have covered just a few of them. A really cool new thing is the “Pop Box”. It’s pretty much an Apple TV box but with tremendously more stuff incorporated into it. Instead of just being able to watch movies directly downloaded from iTunes Pop Box will enable you to watch movies from NetFlix, photos from Photobucket and also pretty much anything that is broadcasted on the Internet.

It also has its own Popapps which will enable even more functions to your box and TV. How about Twittering right from the comfort of your sofa in front of the TV. Yup, it will be possible once you get the Pop Box. It will cost around $129 if you go with the LAN version or $149 if you go with the WiFi version of it. It will be released later this year but boy am I getting one.

I have long wanted to buy the Apple TV box but its near to insignificant interest from the public I have held myself from getting one. Maybe there was a reason for that and now when the Pop Box is showing up on the market I can fully understand why I wouldn’ go and buy an Apple TV box.

But, it remains to see if there is really a use for it in Europe or if it just for the American public to start with. Well, if not I’ll just have to get one as soon as I am moving to the U.S…