How To: Replace your iPod battery!

Everyone that has ever had an iPod knows that looking inside it is quite a feat. It’s glued shut and it’s super hard to get inside. But still the battery will sometime run out of time and the battery needs to be replaced. Sure you can drop by any Apple store to get it replaced but it will put you back by quite a lot just to replace the batter so why not do it yourself. It doesn’t come without a caution though. Make sure you know what you are doing and also that you are prepared for the damages that can be caused when opening your iPod.

If you’re careful enough everything should be just fine. But, just remember that if you have had your iPod for less than a year the warrenty will be expired as soon as you open the iPod. There is no getting around that.

So where can you get a new battery for your iPod? Well, just head over to iPodBattery and you will be able to buy a new battery for your iPod model really cheap. When you have received your new battery just follow the video clip and do it carefully and within soon you will have a fully working battery that is up for another 1,000 charges.

I wonder, does this work with the iPhone as well? Maybe i shouldn’t mess around with it.