Here’s How Tru Test Scales Eliminate The Guesswork

Weighing livestock isn’t quite the same as weighing feed or grain.  Although you’ll still need heavy-duty scales, animals move and shift and have needs that you can’t get from a basic scale.

These are the top ways that Tru Test Scales get rid of the guesswork and allow you to weigh and track your livestock properly.

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They’re Waterproof And Weatherproof

Raising livestock doesn’t stop simply because it’s raining or there’s mud outside.  Because of this, the machinery you use to weigh and track your animals should be able to stand up against almost any weather or moisture.  Trutrack scales are waterproof and weatherproof, standing strong against heat and cold while also handling rain or water if it gets splashed.

They’re Battery-Based

Nobody wants to try to track out a long extension cord or have to plug in a scale any time they want to weigh an animal. So instead, Tru Test scales are battery-based.  You can quickly charge the batteries, and then they’re good to go for fourteen to twenty hours, depending on which model you select.  Although it does come with a sixteen-foot cable for power, if you don’t want to use the battery, it’s nice to have the option to go cordless if need be.

Can Handle Animals Moving Around

Animals shift and move around.  The average steer can weigh 2,400 pounds, which can be risky to turn around if your scales aren’t built for it.  These scales have load bars and cells that help carry the weight of whatever you have on the scale and send that information back to the reader so that you can have up-to-date and instant communication.

Allows You to Digitize Your Information Instantly

Instantly digitized information is extraordinarily helpful.  Tru Test scales can gather all of the information you need and load it through with software that will keep track of everything from their weights to their EID numbers so that you know what’s going on with every single animal.  The instant digitization also ensures that you don’t have to stop and write down the information on your livestock or try to keep paper files.

Helps With Dosages and Health Concerns

The weight of your animals is a large indicator of many things.  It can show how quickly they’re growing, if they’re ill, and can even tell you if a cow is pregnant before she’s showing, through weight gain. Also, if your cows have to take specific dosages of medication based on their weight, there’s nothing more helpful than a scale that will instantly be able to tell you what that weight is.

Every animal is different, and treating them otherwise is a mistake that could lead to major issues.  Instead, a Tru Test scale can help you keep track of how much each animal weighs, can stay running despite the weather and wet, and will instantly digitize your information so that you don’t have to write it down yourself.  These are fantastic additions that every farm and ranch should have.

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