HTC Android Diamond 3: The Bling That Will Blind You!

Can someone tell me what exactly it is we’re expecting from a phone? I mean, the agenda has become anything but easy lately. There are more and more cellphones available on the market, and their features vary from insignificant to groundbreaking. It’s hard to determine in which category to put them really. If you take the touch screen, for example, sure, it’s fancy and gives a new perspective and all, but what does it do for the user experience really? Really…

Apple’s sending us on an ever expanding spiral of expectations is starting to take its toll on us. At least that’s what I am seeing lately. New features that would have turned our living upside down yesterday aren’t even catching our attention today. So is it the design that keeps us coming back to the epicentrum of expectations?

It’s hard to say really, but one thing is quite obvious, and that is that we are all geeks awaiting the mother load of technology updates whenever someone has something to share. Whether we like it or not isn’t exactly the point, is it? So, when designer Sylvain Gerber went for a new concept design of the Android cellphone, it has all to do with style and bling. After all, who could deny the lines and shine of this rather sexy Android Diamond 3 concept? If you don’t like the features, well you can always blind someone with the bling and shine.