HTC Tube: The New Smartphone Could Go Cartridge

With the news that said Apple is reworking the whole iPhone for the fifth incarnation of their flagship gadget, it’s unclear what direction the industry will head next.  The features we see on smartphones in the coming months will define the road ahead, and we’ll be focusing heavily around those features just like we did on the touch screen, the app store and of course now also FaceTime. Even though FaceTime hasn’t been around for that long, we still see rivaling companies shooting in the same region to make up for their loss by getting to the touch screen’s huge market as a runner up.

But what is it that Apple is working on right now, and will it be as cool as the app store was considered when it was first revealed?  Well, this time, I think all that we can do is wait.  I don’t think that Apple is going to let this one slide out from under the door to the public just like the iPhone 4.  Their security is probably boosted up to their teeth.  I would be surprised if their employees are allowed to use the bathroom without first going through a thorough body pat down, scan and someone holding their hand while they go about their business.

However, there are some people out there that dare to dream up new concepts that are really interesting.  Sure, most of the concepts that are launched on the Internet as renders seldom go any further than a bunch of facebook likes, a few comments and some designers pointing out why it wouldn’t work.  But Antoine Brieux has been able to create something that at least I think is really beautiful, and also very interesting.

It’s the HTC Tube concept smartphone.  What that means is that you’ll have the ability to switch battery source, change the camera and upgrade your specs.  This is a pretty good idea to accompany any app store.  No longer would you have to upgrade your entire phone, but you could just upgrade the outer shell and you would have the same customization abilities as with the app store.  I truly think this is brilliant, and I hope we will one day see this concept become a reality, even if it isn’t an HTC smartphone.

HTC Concept Tube Demonstration

Slim Shell HTC Closeup

Inner HTC Cartridge Tube Smartphone

HTC Tube Smartphone Specs

HTC Tube Smartphone Screen Specs

HTC Tube Smartphone Lineup