HTC: Are Multiple Smartphone OS’s A Dream Or Could They Be Real?

We have touched the subject before here at Bit Rebels. It’s a utopia that I think most people would love to see come true. The question is, of course, if it ever will become a reality. There is far too much money to be made keeping things as they are with only one OS on each cell phone. But there is no question that if we someday see a smartphone with multiple OS’s, it will be a revolution. Not only will we see a more open landscape for developers, we will also see a huge shift in how we purchase and use applications. In an instant, we will be able to connect with every mobile device. That will have a huge impact on the way we use our phones today.

Some people are already dreaming up designs and the implementations for these so called multiple OS smartphones. One of these concept ideas is Project One. Masterminded by Michal Bonikowski and Rafal Pilat at Mindsailors, this brilliant new HTC smartphone is just too sexy for words if you ask me. Even though the concept may never become a reality, it’s still a tickling thought that should be developed and researched further.

So for all of you brilliant minds out there, get to work and create an OS that interconnects all the 5 major smartphone OS’s so we can finally have full compatibility without restraints. I keep wondering what such a system would look like. If you do get into it, let us know here on Bit Rebels, and we’ll definitely write about it.

Project One – Multiple OS Concept

Project Two – Windows Phone 7 Concept

Project Three – Windows Phone 7 Nokia