HTC HDD: First Cell Phone With Multiple OSes!

It’s anyone’s guess who will take the leading market share when it comes to iPhone, Android or any of the other up and comers in the cell phone industry. When I look at my Twitter stream, I constantly see people tweeting about why they would rather use either the iPhone or Android phone. There are positive and negative things about them both, and I think it’s really up to what you want your phone to do that makes you choose either one of them. Some people don’t have the need for flash on their phone and many others enjoy some of the more dominant iPhone features and vice versa.

However, you might not have to choose anymore, at least if NAK Design‘s dream comes true. He designed a concept HTC cell phone that will run multiple operating systems on it. My first thought was why hasn’t anyone else thought of this before? Of course, there have been thoughts about creating something similar. Companies just want their creations for themselves, and they don’t want to sponsor their competition’s market. Simple as that. Or at least I think it is…

This new and awesome concept phone is called “HTC HDD” and has specs that you would just dream about when it comes to a cell phone. It’s truly a new step in cell phone development. I, for one, would very much like to see it become the next big thing. After all, Apple is already allowing you to run Windows on their Macs, so why not, right? So how about these features: