A Hypothetical Breakup Conversation With Your SEO Practices

Hello, SEO practices. Our company has been employing you in our online marketing efforts for the past few years. And yet our bottom line seems to be going in the wrong direction. We hate to point fingers here, but it looks like you might be the culprit. And we have to have a talk about this before we can continue with this relationship.

Mistreating Our SEO Practices

We understand that you can be a complicated thing. All that stuff about keywords and Meta tags and terms that we, as humble business owners, quite frankly don’t understand, is part of who you are, and we respect that. But we also have to keep solvent in these tough financial times, and if we’re spending time and money on you and building our website for SEO purposes and you’re not helping the situation, it might be time to reassess our little agreement.

As much as you might not want a third party involved, we understand now that a white label SEO Company might be the way to go. And here are some of the reasons we think that a change might be in order.

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Your Keywords Aren’t Hitting The Sweet Spot

[pullquote]We know how much you love your keywords and how you claim that they’re how our relationship will flourish.[/pullquote] But you’ve been sprinkling them all over our website and nothing is happening. As a matter of fact, it looks like Google, Bing and all your search engine buddies are penalizing us because they think we’re just trying to clog them up with spam.

Plus the keywords seem to be more about what you think people might seek, but not really about what our business represents. So you really need to do a better job of incorporating these keywords, or else the keywords you’ll be hearing are “So long.”

You’re Not Telling Us Anything New

You seduced us with talk of website visitors and increased business. And yet what you’ve done to our website is an abomination, quite the opposite of what a white label SEO company might have done. You have keywords sprinkled haphazardly all over the place, but none of it makes any sense because the content is now all cluttered and awkward.

You should be providing our visitors with meaty content, something into which they can sink their teeth when they visit our site. Instead, the visitors that you’ve managed to draw in are turned off by what they see, making our SEO practices and company look unprofessional and unworthy of anybody’s business.

It’s Not You, It’s Us

Look, we can’t put all of this on you. As business owners, we’re responsible for taking some responsibility here for letting you run rampant without putting a stop to your wayward tendencies. But it’s not too late to make a change. As hard as it may be, as close as we’ve become, you are not the SEO marketing practices we were looking for when we entered into this thing. As much as there may be hard feelings, it’s time to look for SEO practices that have our best interests in mind.

So let’s just call it a day. You’re still young enough to find another clueless business owner to infiltrate. We have to move on for the sake of our business, and we hate long goodbyes.

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