iaPeel: Awesome Way To Customize Your iPhone 4 Skin!

When a new gadget is released, it’s always a race for developers and inventors to come up with something to match it or to customize it. Even more so if the gadget itself is a smash. Apple hasn’t been a huge fan of customization in the past, and there is little chance that they will start now. That’s why we see a flourishing market for customization for the iPhones for example. Companies create hundreds of thousands of skin moddings and accessories, and it’s really just up to you to choose which one you like the most. Usually there is something that will tickle your fancy, but how about if you want a more customized skin for your iPhone 4?

Then you should have a look at the ultimately simple and cool iaPeel. It’s a sticker based inkjet printing paper that will enable you to add whatever design you want your iPhone 4 to have. You can even change it from day to day if you feel like it. The iaPeel is actually available for all the major cellphones and costs only $29.95 for a pack of 10 printable skins. It’s easy to print and apply the sticker. They show you exactly how to go about it. It couldn’t get easier really.

So whether you want yourself skydiving, racing a bike or even a pink Panda, you can now have it completely surrounding your cellphone in full color and with your choice of switching it every once in a while. Never again do you have to stand in that store or browse on the Internet to find a skin that somewhat shows people who you really are. It’s your chance to shine and to impress. Make your cellphone a big business card maybe, or why not make it an advertising spot for your website advertisers to opt in on. The possibilities are endless.