iArm: The New Way To Carry Your Apple Gear!

Do you sometimes wish that you had three or more arms to juggle the every day phone calls, documents, cell phones… yeah you name it? Maybe you even wish that you could stick that iPad to your upper arm and go jogging. Well, that is not such a bad idea is it? Maybe it is, but that doesn’t stop someone from actually going ahead and creating the perfect, most geeky thing to attach all your Apple gear to your bodily extensions.

Hold up! Before you go thinking this is a real thing, I should probably tell you that it isn’t. However, it’s much better than that! It’s actually a prank packaging of a product named iArm. It comes fully loaded with specs, instructions and product previews. Imagine the look on your friend’s face when he or she first rips that paper off the present you have so carefully wrapped. That’s priceless!

With this idea on the Internet, I am sure that someone will actually go ahead and create something just like it. After all, why not? There are a bunch of people out there that just buy stuff just to… buy it. It’s true! And if you really think about it, it’s not such a bad idea. Maybe it’s taken a little bit too far, but we have, after all, an arm band for the iPhone, right? Bring it on, and I will be the first one to put on my geeky glasses and this arm band, attach my iPad to it, and go out jogging through the exercise trails around here! Watch out people, here I come!

The price for this awesome prank is $8, and you can buy it right here at Prank Pack!