iCade 8-Bitty: Retro NES Controller For Your iPhone & iPad

The retrofication of gadgets and pretty much everything around us is something that is really dear to my heart. I love the memories connected to gadgets that I used to play with when I was a little kid, and that is likely never going to go away. That is why when I find something truly awesome, I get all excited just like a little kid. Usually it has to do with something that is 8-bit, which for some reason, triggers some really cool and inspiring memories. I am sure you have those kind of memories as well, even though they are slightly different. To retrofy something, meaning, to take something that is an up to date technology and give it a retro look, is something that I think we’ll see more and more of.

Even though it might not be something to push on all the new technologies, it is still a crazy awesome way to customize and make something just a little bit more personal. Just have a look at the new iCade 8-Bitty NES inspired controller that ThinkGeek recently announced was going into their product listing. It’s one of those really cool accessories for your iPhone and iPad that will take you back a couple of decades instantly.

The new game controller for the iPhone and iPad will be available later this year through ThinkGeek, and the price will be set at $24.99. It’s a reasonable price for a piece of retro awesomeness that will make your games feel a little more like a NES gaming experience. While the actual release isn’t yet clear, it will most likely be sometime after the summer. For something this cool, I certainly don’t mind having to wait for another few months. After all, what more can you do when something is so wonderfully retro?


Via: [iPhone Hacks]