iDrift | iPad Has a New Accessory, a Joke?!

The jokes have been many and they are unlikely to stop anytime soon. Apple, being one of the most successful companies in recent history, has to endure though. Being so dominant on the market in pretty much everything they do there has to be some jokes being thrown around. Even though the jokes have been the dominant part of the iPad (I mean, the name alone is just… so Apple. Surely they could have come up with a better name. But, the questions here is really if they did it on purpose and cold calculated the extra spread with all the jokes and all.) it still remains the coolest thing to get released by a gadget company since the iPhone. Almost…

Of course there are several other things that every geek in the world would do anything to get their hands on, but the fact remains that the iPad is affordable for just about anyone. Sure the $14.99 for 250 MB of transferred data was the lamest of the features but then they made it all well again with the $29.99 for unlimited, which I think is a little weird considering that $10 extra bucks is nothing. Why even have the first $14.99 choice?

Well, maybe it’s just me. The iPad is still quite a unique gadget and I am sure people will be standing in line for one when they are released as a 3G choice in 2 months.

So, to continue the jokes, ever heard of the iDrift? No seriously, it’s no joke even though while looking at the design images it quite appears to be. The iDrift, by designer Michael Greenberg, is a revolutionary gaming accessory that will enable you to play first person automobile simulators by steering like you were holding on to the wheel yourself. The idea is quite simple and I am still amazed by the level of simplicity it brings to the table. All you do is strap the iPad onto the wheel and you are ready to play. Simple as that, really!