If Web Browsers Were Celebrities [Infographic]

I have to say that a few years ago I was a big fan of Firefox and how well it performed. However, something has happened since then and using the Firefox browser has become an annoyance really. It’s like they tried to add too much into the browser which ended with a ton of memory leakage, and eventual it crashes every two hours or so. For people like Diana and I who literally use our browser all through our work day, it’s a truly annoying factor when your main tool is constantly breaking. We haven’t yet made the jump over to another browser since we are insanely used to the features in Firefox. When it actually works, it’s way faster to work with Firefox instead of learning all the new features in a new browser. Chrome looks really tempting to start messing about with though.

I guess there is a browser war going on out there because I always stumble into people who constantly talk about all the positive facts about the browser they use and all the negative facts about the browser I use. So as you can see, it really just comes down to what you prefer to use, and what features you like. When the stuff starts crunking out, that’s when things have to change, and I foresee a change for both me and Diana in the near future.

What if browsers were celebrities you might ask… Yeah right! Who the heck would come up with that question after something like this? I guess someone actually would because designer Shane Snow created an infographic about that topic which is quite hilarious. It’s one of those infographics that will have you go, “Totally true! Yup!” on each frickin browser profile. The funniest has to be the J-LO one because it’s spot on. Don’t you think?

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If Web Browsers Were Celebrities

Via: [Walyou]