iFoolish: The Most Ridiculous iPhone 4S Case Ever

The iPhone has seen quite a bit of those weird, odd and down right ridiculous cases throughout the years. You might think there wouldn’t be a market for such cases, but that’s where we are all wrong I reckon. There is actually a huge market for whatever iPhone cases there are out there. It’s a mad house with a tint of geekery all folded into one. People buy things for the sake of buying them, and they use them for the sake of being the most ridiculous. So, when you stumble over cases that are utterly insane, that’s when you start to think that it is actually quite genius. You might be wondering in what way. Well, if it is so nutty that everyone notices it then at least it’s doing a pretty good job promoting itself, right?

That is exactly the case (no pun intended) with the iFoolish case for the iPhone 4S. It will not revolutionize the case industry, and it will not exactly give you something to brag about either. At the most, it will make your iPhone look more unique and a little thicker. The iFoolish case is actually a scribble pad which you will be able to draw silly little messages on. As I take it, you will then be able to send it off to people.

Yeah, it’s that kind of technology. But wait! Doesn’t the iPhone already have a touchscreen on which you can draw on and do EXACTLY the same thing? Yup! That is perfectly correct. So why have one of these? I have no frickin clue really. I haven’t read up on it too much so maybe I am missing something. In case I am, please enlighten me since I am eager to know what kind of magic this little badboy might be harboring. It looks pretty fly though if you ask me, well, unique rather. If I may be so bold even, I would say this is a spoof to draw some attention to the site itself. The “product” is removed from the site now, but it could be viewed at Basic Principles.

iFoolish iPhone 4S Draw Case

Via: [Chip Chick]