iHome Turns Your iPad Into A Retro Commodore 64 Setup

There are a ton of devices out there from the early ’80s that I call retro things. They range from toys to gadgets, and as soon as something new hits the store, I think about these things that we once knew were on the very edge of technology. How we have managed to progress technology to the level it is today is hard to imagine. This is especially true when you think about the short amount of time it has taken us to get from there to here, if you know what I mean. However, some people still have an urge to retrofy their lives, and that makes manufacturers constantly search for new ways to bring us new gear in retro packaging.

One such retrofication is the iHome dock. It is a simple iPad dock, but with a little twist that will send you about 30 years back in time. This little thing, after the iPad has been inserted, actually looks like a legit ’80s desktop computer. It is very similar to the Commodore 64 in a way, and that is what makes it so darn awesome. To imagine that you can turn your iPad into a retrofied computer is just what a geek needs to get a huge smile on his or her face.

This thing is a great way to create that desktop computer feel even though you have an iPad. It was presented at this year’s CES (2012), and it is sure to become a great success since so many people are looking for a solution, or a dock rather, that will enable them to use a standard keyboard (a qwerty keyboard) instead of having to type away on the touchscreen. The touchscreen is good and all, but sometimes you just want a regular keyboard to type on. It’s usually a lot faster, and optimizing time is a necessity for sure. Bring on the retrofication!

iHome Retro Desktop Computer Dock

Via: [Chip Chick]