iMirror: Tomorrow’s Touchscreen Interior Technology

Our homes are becoming everything else but procrastination stations these days. More technologies are brought to our attention that will optimize things and save us time. We are somewhat taught to multitask in a way that we haven’t done before, and it is all thanks to new technologies put together from a whole truck load of gadgets. The iMirror is one of those technologies that could (if it is finalized), become a huge optimization in our lives.

The iMirror is one of those nifty mirrors that is run by a computer. We have featured a couple of interactive mirrors here on Bit Rebels before, but this seems to be the most recent development and could, (if successfully funded), become a mirror which would drive your social life when you are at home. I love technologies like this, but I am torn between whether it is because we really like it or if it is because we need it.

What I think Posh View, the company behind the iMirror, is trying to accomplish, is to change our Internet consumption behavior. This has been something that has been attempted a few times before. How do we connect to the Internet and what could be more optimized? It is a good approach and one that I think could be a success, but when it comes to presenting consumers with this product I think they are missing their target audience a little bit.

People already have smartphones, tablets and all kinds of mobile devices so why would they need an iMirror? If Posh View would instead focus on making their product for hotels and even public areas, it would make a whole lot more sense. You know you check yourself out when walking by a shopping window, so why not put one of these up in the entrance of a business building or even on several locations in a shopping mall?

iMirror comes with the standard features like checking weather, directions, traffic, news and even social media integration. But, that’s not all it also comes with voice recognition, so that if you are brushing your hair or teeth you can easily talk to your mirror and have it show you what you want to see.

The iMirror project is as you might have understood by now looking for funding and they are using Kickstarter to do so. They are aiming to raise $200,000. With only 10 days left to go, they have merely been able to raise a little north of $31,000. If this is an indication of how interested people are in a technology like this, then Posh View really needs to step it up a notch in order to make iMirror’s features more appealing.

Posh View’s Interactive iMirror Prototype

iMirror Interactive Interior Technology

iMirror Interactive Interior Technology

iMirror Interactive Interior Technology


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    Bobho 8 years

    So instead of doing what you need to do and move on you’ll be on front of the mirror longer playing with it.. I’d like to see one that shows necessary information like stock info, current affairs, weather report, missed calls or messages when you walk on front of the mirror depending on who the person is for privacy of information reasons without needing to play with it.. so, meh.

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    Pieter 8 years

    We’ve been talking to a lot of hotels, and mention the hotel application briefly on the campaign, as well as salons. We aimed Kickstarter at individuals as that’s closer to the demographic of backers, and since the max pledge in Canada is $8,000 we cannot have one company or hotel do more than that unless they create multiple accounts. Kickstarter has allowed us to get market feedback, specifically on price and user experience. We’ve since dropped the price for home use, and will focus the interaction even more on identification of the user either with their phone (nfc for example), or a standard locking pattern or pin. Using simple and intuitive voice and gesture instead of touch will also actually bring the price down and reduce the need to clean the mirror. Thanks for a well thought out article, it’s more great feedback for us, and I’m glad you see certain merits, and agree with us on the hotel application :)


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    Thank you, Pieter. We think the product is great, however with all new technologies there is always that introduction phase. History has shown that in order to make a product popular it has to have a feature that makes it a must-have product. After talking about the iMirror here at Bit Rebels we think that in order for it to be successful you have to identify what that “killer app” is. If you can deliver that app/feature the iMirror will no doubt be a true success.

    Thank you for the great insight! Always great to hear from the developers themselves how they view their products. Keep up the great work!