Improve Your Digital Experience With These 8 Google Chrome Extensions

There are a plethora of browser extensions available to make not only your Google Chrome experience better but to also improve your life as well. Chrome extensions can help to do pretty much anything you can possibly imagine online, and below are eight excellent ones to download and install.

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If you do any kind of writing, then be sure to add Grammarly’s extension for Chrome as it will show you where mistakes have been made with grammar, spelling, misuse of words, and pretty much everything that used to give you fits in English classes.

I Don’t Care About Cookies

The kind of cookies that the Cookie Monster eats are good, but having to consistently agree to cookies (stored information about you) being allowed, from European websites especially since permission is needed according to their new data regulations, can get a tad annoying. This extension automatically hits the “I agree” button for you when cookie pop-ups jump onto your screen – thus saving you time and your sanity.

The Great Suspender

This extension helps to speed up your Chrome browser and is especially helpful to those who have lots of tabs open at any given time and performance suffers as a result. How it works is any open tabs will be closed automatically after a set amount of time to keep your browser in good working order. Tabs can also be easily brought back when needed again.

Save to Google Drive

This extension allows you to send screenshots to Google Drive instantly by just clicking a little icon in the upper right-hand corner of the browser. The extension saves images, videos, or audio clips so content can be consumed at a later time. This can be especially handy for those using multiple devices and want to access saved content on any one of them at any time.


Speedtest’s extension provides the ability to get a quick look at your internet connection. Connection speeds are usually pretty good these days for the most part, but before streaming a show or movie, for example, you may want first to check your speed to ensure it’s okay. You just need to click on the extension’s “Go” button to do a quick connection test on whichever network you may be on.

Download Manager

Download Manager’s extension is a better method for sorting through Chrome downloads than the browser’s standard feature. The download queue is a mess, but with Download Manager, you get a full list and can search for a specific one that you want access to.


The Chrome extension from Sortd makes it simple to organize emails into various categories. Integration with Gmail is easy to do and allows users to drop and drag messages into custom columns. You can also keep a to-do-list and take notes within a sidebar, and going back to the standard Gmail view can be quickly done with the click of a button.

HTTPS Everywhere

This extension is all about keeping your data locked up. Browsing the internet can be risky at times, and can be challenging to know which websites are secure and which ones aren’t. HTTPS Everywhere’s an extension for Chrome allows you to switch any website from the default http to https – making them all encrypted and more secure for safe browsing.

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