Google Chrome – Extensions

The hardest leap from Firefox to Chrome for me was the lack of important extensions that made browsing a lot easier.   I will always use Firefox for development as loosing Firebug would be unthinkable, but as Firefox seems to have been going through a little speed slump recently I started to do all my browsing in Chrome.

Chrome has come along way since its release, and now has started fully supporting extensions in its latest beta release.  Surprisingly there are already hundreds of extensions, most importantly notifications for Wave and Gmail with Evernote and Delicious ones appearing too – there are also some really good add blockers!

Not only that Chrome is now available for your Mac dudes.  That’s right you can now get Chrome for Mac – in beta of course!  While we are on this subject it is also available for Linux.

So want to give this new browser a go, with your beloved extensions?   Check out the links below!

  1. Chrome Extensions (will tell you at the top of the page if your browser version is compatible)
  2. Chrome for Mac
  3. Chrome for Linux
  4. Making your own Extensions Tutorial!