In Stores In September: Transformers Gundam Cell Phone

Mobile phones come in all sizes and shapes and companies try to dazzle us with their features, as well as their shell design. Usually the phones go by unnoticed and all the company can do is to come up with something more exciting. Apple has been very good at getting our attention and keeping it. However, it’s just a matter of time before we all expect more than just touch screens and more memory. We want something else and there are several companies out there that are working on putting together the next generation features to keep us in the cool.

Gundam anime celebrates it’s 30th anniversary this year and because of that Bandai, the creator of the series, has teamed up with Softbank to create one of the coolest geek phone ever seen on the market. It’s a replica of the Gundam robot standing on a dock for the mobile phone. The phone itself is called Gunpla or Softbank 945SH G which is the Softbank working title.

The phone will be pre-installed with all the necessary features ranging from ring tones from the series, menu items and much much more. It’s going to be the ultimate and exclusive cell phone for every transformers fan out there. Even though no price has been set yet, the phone is still scheduled to be available commercially in stores by September. So mark your calendar and save up as much money as you can… you don’t want to miss this one. It will be a real killer to have at home and to bring with you everywhere you go. It’s geektastic if you ask me.