Inspiring Light Dazzling Speaker Dock For Your iPhone

Can we ever get enough of these iPhone docks you think? Well, not if they come looking like this. The norm for the iPhone dock has been only to connect to the computer or an amplifier to blast those songs out in an easy fashion. The design has been on the lowdown for sure. Most often we find that these devices always look square and boring compared to what they could look like. We’ve long wished for a more creative approach to this whole industry.

Designer Sylvain Gerber was asked to help JBL to design a unique and creative looking iPod/iPhone dock that would brighten up even the darkest winter night with music as well as light. The result is nothing less than mind blowing creativity in a technologically wonderment achievement called the “Snow Flake”.

Many times compared to a snowflake (hence the name for it), this thing is truly a thing of honest beauty. While the membrane is positioned in plain view, however modified, the technology rest snugly in the bottom of the speaker making the whole device look more like something found in a sci-fi movie. Gosh, I wish I had one of these at home. Winter nights can be quite cold and dark somewhere close to Christmas, and this would certainly brighten things up. Is it too early to start playing “White Christmas” right now???