Intel first to create the “Minority Report” screen!

As reported earlier, everyone seems to have their aims on everything touch. Maybe it’s the new “IT” but we must not forget that we need to develop the features that touch will enable and not just create devices that we are able to work with our fingers directly on the screen and on the content. Some of the products presented on the CES show this year is pure touch gadgets and doesn’t really give us anything new except from the touch feature in itself.

Intel though seems to have understood the importance of the touch feature and hired a company to brainstorm the possibilities it may have. They have also managed to incorporate their new i7 processor into the equation and the company did something truly out of the box with their new found best friends over at Intel.

What came out of the collaboration was nothing short of a spot on copy of the eagerly awaited Minority Report touch screen. Demonstrated on the actual device is a full grown 1 million polygon real time 3D engine that allows you to look through what looks like a floor of a building. It also lets you look through several information channels that makes it a super mobile device.

Don’t get me started on the technical aspects of the screen cause it’s even beyond me knowledge what the heck went in to that device and what makes it possible to all those cool things on it. I’ll just let ir marinate a little and maybe in a couple of days return and hard study the specs of the thing.