Interactive Finger Ring | Hybratech’s Bluetooth Phone Ring

When gadgets no longer inspire women to buy them, the manufacturers usually turn to fashion design instead. It has happened over and over during the last couple of years and it has proved to be a great change for some companies who have managed to increase their sales 10 fold. But, as usual, when you find something cool it is all about what the gadget can really give you and what it has to offer. If it is just the same old in a new casing then it’s pretty much not worth purchasing according to some people.

Hybratech has researched and developed a finger ring that actually works as a bluetooth indicator and earpiece. The sleek design is every woman’s dream and the fact that it truly works and lights up when you have a new message or someone is calling is a sure sign that the future is on its way. And that’s fast.

The ring, called O.R.B., which stands for “Orbital Ring Bluetooth” is a silver, gold or whatever other material they decide to use ring with a small screen on it. The screen will tell you information like who’s calling, your text messages or when you’re up for a meeting. I am sure they can think of more uses for it in the future but the use is just amazing AND stylish.

There’s no question that this new gadget will sure be a safe bet to buy your girlfriend as an accessory for her cell phone such as an iPhone. The cool thing about the ring is that it unfolds into a bluetooth earpiece. And a quite good looking one to.

It will cost $129 for the ordinary model and $175 for the deluxe model. What should also be mentioned is that the ring itself is waterproof. The ring will ship to retailers this month (January) and to find out where you can get yours just go to Hybratech’s own website and you’ll find additional information about the ring as well as where you will be able to get one.