Interactive Sign Turns & Updates Road Directions On Demand

I know what you are thinking, there are already digital road signs out there, so what’s so special about this one? Well, a whole lot of things actually. Let me just start by saying there is a huge tehnofication going on in the world, and it’s both good and bad. The good part is that it makes our society a whole lot more optimized. The bad part is that some people have trouble keeping up. This new interactive sign will allow for a much more versatile way of getting directions.

It’s of course just a concept prototype design, and one that I think will stay that way unfortunately. The idea behind it is to make this interactive sign, and signs like it, more interactive. This means the user decides what he or she wants directions for, and the sign will automatically turn and update its arms in order to tell you exactly which direction your destination is. Pretty darn smart, right?

The concept is called Points, and it is brought to us by Breakfast. This interactive sign is one of the most tech infused “analog” direction displays yet, and it has a whole slew of cool features. Their official website even has some animated images that will show you exactly how this interactive sign works, and how it can be utilized around the world.

The sign is operated by a panel located on the sign pole itself, which will then update the signs at the top of it. You will be able to pick a whole lot of different categories, which range from events to tweets. The arrows (or arms) will turn to face the exact direction the topic you have picked is located, which gives this interactive sign quite an advantage over other signs. The concept is definitely intriguing, and I think if it can be incorporated in a few locations around the world, it’s going to get a push by the sheer number of people liking it. Even though I see this kind of concept a little bit less bound for “reality,” I still think it would be awesome to have it on every street corner.

Breakfast’s Interactive Sign Shows Directions For Everything