Internet Addiction: Is This Online Disorder Real? [Infographic]

With all the really good services online, Internet addiction is becoming ever more severe. Some say Internet addiction doesn’t exist, while other people clearly suffer from the effects. What’s interesting is that the addiction itself has more branches than any other addiction known. We have online gaming, social networking, porn and a whole lot of other addictions bundled into Internet addiction. So how real is this common disorder, and are we able to cure it?

Recent studies show that Facebook addiction is increasing, and it won’t stagnate anytime soon. Maybe the power of Facebook stems from the ability to continuously stay in touch with people, or maybe it’s just the social gaming aspect of it. To be honest, it’s probably the combination of them all. People just can’t seem to put down the Internet even if only for a day or two. What are they afraid to miss?

When asked, 75% of Internet users (no mention of how many people were asked) said they usually stayed online longer than they had planned. That is a pretty high percentage of people who are missing out on something they were supposed to do instead. Even 41% said they usually decided to stay online instead of going out with others. Is the prediction of us becoming antisocial Internet mongers slowly becoming true? Not quite yet.

The Internet addiction people showcase today is not all bad. First of all, it has given everyone a chance to become an entrepreneur. If you have a good idea, you can realize it through the Internet for cheap. Furthermore, it has helped a lot of people find new jobs and new partners. And of course, it has helped people learn a lot more about pretty much everything. But make no mistake about it, Internet addiction is as real as any other addiction. The Internet addiction disorder was even introduced into a respectable international health encyclopedia as a condition.

So can it be cured? Yes, there are plenty of ways to allow someone to come back to reality once again. There are more and more rehabilitation centers announced solely for Internet addicts. In London, they have one for people as young as 12 years old. The first step is to admit you actually have an Internet addiction. The question is, will you do that? Do you have an Internet addiction? (This infographic called Is Internet Addiction Real? is presented by Maps Of World).

Do You Have An Internet Addiction?

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Via: [Daily Infographic] Image Credit: [nataliej]