Internet Content Is Changing Once Again: Content 4.0 [Infographic]

Everything in life is constantly evolving, and nothing stays the same for very long. This even applies to things we might not think about much, like Internet content. The most obvious change that I’ve seen over the past year is the shift towards everything visual. Proof that the “visual web” is here can be found in everything from the popularity of Pinterest and infographics to the upgrade of pictures online overall. Most bloggers understand how powerful an image can be as it relates to Internet content.

According to this infographic provided by Business Insider (created by Ignition), content 4.0 is upon us, and what they describe is quite a big shift from what we are seeing now. As you know, right now almost all Internet content is either free or stolen. The content 4.0 theory, which is something they say there is already evidence of, states that businesses and consumers will be willing to pay for content that is attractive to all different types of people. They are referring to content that is relevant, attractive, emotional, convenient and inspiring. In other words, it has to be “awesome to many” as they put it. The best detailed explanation I found of this was here on Tennessean Media Group.

What I’m describing may sound a bit fuzzy, but this infographic does a great job of explaining it. According to Business Insider, you can already see this shift with companies like Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and New York Times. According to Ignition, “A major land grab is occurring for the digital consumer. Business models are rapidly changing. Technologies from mobile payments to micro-transactions are being developed as additional revenue strategies to advertising and paywalls. Media no longer encompasses merely content, but also commerce, payments and platforms.” My question to you is – Do you think this is just another smack of trendy hoopla, or do you think this Internet content shift is really happening? I suppose only time will tell.

Internet Content Is Changing Once Again

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Via: [Business Insider] [Marketing Tech Blog] Header Image Credit: [Kirsty Andrews / Flickr]