How To Leverage Pinterest For SEO [Infographic]

Over the past few years, social media has been incorporated into the algorithm of search engine results. This means all the metrics you can possibly derive from social media are counted and analyzed when you search for something in order to make sure you get the perfect results for your search inquiry. Growing social networking services are constantly added to the search engines, and Pinterest is of course one of them. So how do you leverage Pinterest for SEO?

In order to leverage Pinterest for SEO, you have to know what you are doing and what will affect your search engine standing. I doubt Pinterest as a social media site has any pull on the major search engines like Facebook likes and Google +1s have. Still, using Pinterest for SEO is more than a legit endeavor, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

In order to increase your search engine ranking, you should not only focus on fixing on-site SEO variables, but also the amount of traffic, shares and conversation you are able to drum up on social networking sites. Sites like Pinterest are perfect for driving traffic to your site, and the more you understand how to do that, the better you will rank on search engines all across the Internet.

To help us understand how we can leverage Pinterest for SEO, we can simply consult an infographic called Leveraging Pinterest For SEO And eCommerce presented by TechMagnate. This particular infographic has a whole lot of statistics and helpful tips that could make our Pinterest boards generate quite a lot of traffic, which in turn will drive up our search engine ranking.

The most important tip you can ever get when it comes to Pinterest is that if you want to share good and interesting stuff on Pinterest, you should make sure to follow the people who you find interesting and who share the stuff you want to share as well. That way, you will always have a steady stream of pins and still help your followings to grow since you will be sharing their pins. Pinterest for SEO is brilliantly optimized, and all you really need to do is stay true to what you like, create boards and watch people drop their jaw when they see all the cool pins you have.

Have a look at this infographic and see what steps you are currently missing and how you can perhaps incorporate them into your own Pinterest strategy. It all begins with an interest – then people will follow. Be creative, useful and beyond all, pin stuff that is eye-catching, interesting or engaging. That way, people will always have a reason to follow you. That’s how you grow and utilize your influence.

Ultimate Guide For How To Use Pinterest For SEO

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Leverage Pinterest For SEO Infographic


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    Thanks for sharing. I have found this infographic really useful, and look forward to trying this tips on Pinterest.

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    Scott Craighead 9 years

    Pinterest is great for videos and infographics! But if you don’t have these things it’s probably not worth it.

  • comment-avatar
    Lilah 9 years

    I have mixed feelings about infographics especially when I get one on my Pinterest feed that is forever long and I have to scroll to an eternity to be done with it. But from an seo standpoint I think that infographics that are high quality and to the point are useful for both marketing as well as the consumer who may be interested in learning more about them.

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    Pinterest can work as part of an overall social media strategy for many businesses when it makes sense but it’s SEO benefits are minimal. If it makes sense to use the platform in terms of an overall social media strategy then it’s a good idea, if it’s simply for SEO purposes you are wasting your time.

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    Thanks for sharing our content.

    @Beth- We’re glad you liked it.

    @Scott- You’re right, the biggest challenge for B2B companies wanting
    to use Pinterest as a marketing channel is a lack
    of visual content. But if worked intelligently one can still use Pinterest. For example, you can use visual content you already have. Someone at your last company mixer must have grabbed a few photos, right?
    If so, make a board to showcase your company’s culture and pin them. Have
    executive headshots? Create an “executive management” board and include a
    bio for each person. You can also pin simple data charts that you can build in excel. Make sure to have a clear headline in the image so people know what they are looking at!
    We hope this helps.

    @Lilah- We understand your position but the truth is longer infographics on Pinterest means more real estate for members which is why you see so many of them are long. But we agree that the length should mirror the relevancy of the content.

    @Nate- The line between SEO and social media has diminished. Social media has to be a component of a content marketing strategy, but no one channel can take place of the whole strategy. That being said if you have great content then it can be represented visually in an interesting and engaging manner.

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    I have been hearing a lot about how great Pinterest is for marketing here lately and have to say that after seeing this infographic, I’m certainly more convinced as it seems a little silly to not be using it, especially for SEO purposes. Will definitely try pinning my videos and pictures with links back to the original content and taking advantage of these links.

    Thanks for putting this info out there.


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    Arnav Upadhyay 7 years

    Thanks for share Leverage Pinterest For SEO [Infographic].

    Nice information thanks for share.

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