Introducing | MacBook 3D – The Race For 3D Content Is On

You read it right. The new edge has finally come to Apple, and some interesting things are happening in the world of 3D. After the HUGE success of “Avatar” and “Alice In Wonderland,” consumers are screaming for 3D enabled hardware. More and more companies are starting to create custom made 3D glasses. Game makers, movie makers and even artists are starting to tweak their stuff to make it 3d enabled cause we all want it.

There is no stopping the revolution now, and it will happen quickly. The new cool unleashed by James Cameron is just mind boggling if you think about it. Avatar has now brought in close to 2.5 billion dollars worldwide, and it is still number 7 on the list of movies that people are choosing to see.

So what’s the next step? Well, of course Apple should step into the game and totally redefine the laptop forever. At least if you’re asking designer Tai Chiem who has a radical idea on his mind. His interesting concept is to give the MacBook an overhaul that will enable you to record and watch 3D content on it. Apple’s iSight camera is almost suited to be duplicated, meaning there would be two iSight cameras on the MacBook. This will in turn enable you to watch any video conference call in 3D! So, all you people out there that are following the latest trend and becoming ChatRoulette zombies, imagine the impact. All of a sudden you will get tons of strangers entering your living room in an instant.

Also notice the touchscreen trackpad. I can’t wait to see Apple putting some effort into giving us the stereoscopic cameras, and enabling us to use the new and intense experience of life in 3D. But then again, with the track record of Apple´s continuous trend setting technology research and development departments, I am sure we can expect nothing less than an iHologram shooting up from that trackpad instead. And why not combine it with Intel’s gesture hologram feature making it interactive as well. How we all love technology…