Invaluable Tablet Usage Stats For Mobile Marketers [Infographic]

When it comes to online marketing, especially on new devices, it’s important to have the latest data. Planning a marketing campaign on old data is like throwing your money in a lake hoping that it will multiply. It just won’t work. You have to make sure you have the latest data which will accurately tell you where your customers are. Have a look at tablet usage for example. It’s been going up for a long time, and there is actually a significant shift happening right now.

Here at Bit Rebels, we deal with marketers and advertisers each and every day. Some have small budgets, and some have big budgets. The most important aspect is what they are doing with whatever amount of money they have in order to yield results. Many times we come across brands that have spent their money wrong before they came to us. They just haven’t had the right campaign data on which to base their campaign. We always keep our data up-to-date with various custom data recorders that we have created ourselves. But the advertising climate is changing, and there are more devices to pay attention to now than ever before.

When it comes to how people access the Internet, tablet usage has soared. The shift is happening right now, and according to a fresh infographic presented by LinchPinSEO called Tablet Usage Stats, 43% percent of people who have both a tablet and a computer spend more time on the tablet than on their actual computer. Maybe it’s the mobility of a tablet that makes it more appealing, I don’t know. But for a marketer, this information is vital. Customizing an ad campaign for mobile devices is something that has to be a priority in order to maximize the return on your investment as a marketer or advertiser.

Even when it comes to tablet usage as a whole, 28% of people who were asked said they use their tablet as their main computer. That tells us that the tablet has become an important part of everyone’s lives. This of course means that there are a lot more things you can get creative with when planning and realizing an ad campaign for your brand. Tablet usage is not going to decrease anytime soon, so have a deeper look into the tablet usage stats on this infographic, and make sure you incorporate them into the planning of your next online marketing campaign. You wouldn’t want to miss out on almost 50% of the traffic, right?

The Progression Of Tablet Usage In 2013

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