iOS 6 vs. iOS 7: An Icon Comparison [Infographic]

Apple finally had their developer’s conference and unveiled what they have in store for us. There was a bunch of new stuff presented, and one of the most anticipated was their new flagship iOS release, iOS 7. It turned out to be exactly what people said it would be – a heavily redesigned user interface with a flatter approach. It will definitely take some getting used to, but I feel the redesign is a fresh approach. Let’s do an icon comparison between the old and new user interface.

You might think this article will include a whole lot of technical gibberish about why the icons have the look they have, but that’s not my intention. It’s quite the contrary actually. I simply want to share an infographic called iOS 6 vs iOS 7: Icon Comparison, presented by Twitter user @pawsupforu. It’s a rather straightforward infographic with little technical stuff included.

Look at it like it’s a more streamlined way of learning and becoming familiar with the new icon set that the iOS 7 introduced. The icon comparison itself is just what it is. You put them side by side, and by doing that, you get an easy overview of the icons. It’s through an icon comparison that you will be able to determine what has really changed. Not to mention it’s an easy way of memorizing what they are all for.

A lot of us have become so used to the old icon set that this icon comparison will be necessary if we want to have an optimized way of using the new iOS 7 operating system. I think Apple did a great job redesigning their user interface, icons and feature visuals. It’s intriguing that they take the time to update their now quite old visual presentation of their mobile operating system. Hopefully they will stay as focused on updating their hardware park as they are on pimpin’ up their visual presentation of things. I always get that nagging question that asks, would Steve Jobs like this new device or design? I guess we’ll never know for sure, right?

Paws Up For U’s iOS 6 vs iOS 7 Icon Comparison

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Header image courtesy of iMore